Welcome to the 2022 Snake Season!

Wasatch Snake Removal is the Salt Lake Valley’s premier snake relocation service. Now in our ninth year, we serve most communities along the Wasatch Front, providing peace of mind for homeowners and ensuring the wellbeing of Utah’s protected snakes.

To have a rattlesnake safely removed from your yard or business, please call us at 801-599-0922, and we’ll dispatch someone to relocate the snake back to wild habitat as soon as possible.

We have always been proud of our quick response times, but we’re working with a reduced staff, so please be patient with us. If possible, keep an eye on the snake until we arrive.

Because we are understaffed, we will give priority to rattlesnake calls over calls for harmless snakes, which don’t need to be relocated in most circumstances (they’re in your home, trapped in a window well, etc.). These snakes are busy eating mice and other pests in your yard, so just let them be. They’ll leave on their own after they’ve taken care of your pest problem.

The only venomous snake along the Wasatch Front is the Great Basin rattlesnake. These snakes are shy and non-aggressive, but if you find one in your yard, you’ll want to have it relocated for the safety of children and pets.

Utah law protects all of Utah’s 31 snake species from wanton killing, and there’s never a reason to kill a snake ― even a venomous one ― if it can be safely relocated instead.

Our relocators are consummate professionals. We understand and appreciate these unique animals and the vital role they play in healthy ecosystems by controlling rodent populations and preventing the spread of rodent-borne diseases to humans.

To correctly identify the snake in your yard, please visit the Snake ID tab. Or you may text us a photo of the snake and we’ll identify it for you.

Thank you,

— Wasatch Snake Removal

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Rattlesnakes are the only venomous snakes in Utah, and the Great Basin rattlesnake is the only venomous snake in northern Utah. (Go to the SNAKE ID page to see the most common snakes along the Wasatch Front.)


Look at the tail. Harmless snakes have a tapering, pointed tail. Any snake in Utah that ISN’T a rattlesnake is harmless to humans, and we recommend leaving a harmless snake in your yard for the free pest control benefits it provides. Snakes are invaluable for keeping rodent populations in check and preventing the spread of disease. With a snake around, you’ll never need dangerous traps or harmful poisons. Everyone should want a harmless snake in their yard! If you have a rattlesnake in your yard, you need to have it removed for the safety of people and pets.


Never kill a snake. It doesn’t make sense to kill a harmless and beneficial animal — and Utah law makes it illegal to kill native reptiles — including rattlesnakes. Snakes don’t attack people and they don’t want to bite us. The best thing to do is leave them alone. Be nice to snakes and they’ll be nice to you!


While most snakes eat rodents, some species eat caterpillars, slugs and other pests that want to devour your garden! If you have a snake in your yard, chances are it’s harmless and doing you a huge favor by providing free pest control. 


  • If you have a harmless snake in your yard, please leave it there! It is the best source of free pest control you’ll ever find, and most of the time, snakes are just passing through. They often leave overnight.
  • Any snake that isn’t a rattlesnake is harmless.
  • If you have a rattlesnake in your yard, we will try to move it as soon as possible, but in case we can’t, there is a good chance it will leave on its own overnight, if not sooner. We will give priority  to homeowners who have children and pets.
  • You can convince a rattlesnake to leave your yard by spraying it with a garden hose. (Just don’t spray it into your neighbor’s yard!)
  • Please don’t kill snakes. They have an important job to do, and it’s illegal.

If you have questions about snakes or need a snake identified, please call or text us at 801-599-0922. To identify the snake in your yard, please visit the snake ID tab on this site.

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