“Wonderful to work with and fast to arrive. Genuine care for these creatures!”

~ Hollie, Holladay

“I was surprised to find a small rattlesnake in our backyard retaining wall earlier this summer. I didn’t want it harmed, but with young children and a dog, I couldn’t have it there. Wasatch Snake Removal not only caught the snake, but gave us valuable information for identifying our local snakes and how to keep our yard rodent-free. And I feel good knowing that the snake was released unharmed.”

~ Susan, Cottonwood Heights

“I recently learned that I have snakes living in the sidewalk crack very close to my front door! Not knowing exactly what kind of snakes these close “neighbors” are, I called Wasatch Snake Removal. Dave came to my home to check things out. It turns out that the snakes are harmless garter snakes. I also mentioned to Dave that we have caught several mice in the house! Dave informed me that these harmless snakes are great at “taking care” of mice and that these scaly critters are better to have around than the messy rodents. Dave also gave my two young boys some great information on snakes. Now my son wants to catch one and keep it as a pet. I think our sidewalk crack is a great place to keep our new friends. THANKS DAVE!”

~ Lisa, Riverton

“Thanks for your help with our snake situation. Our residents can finally relax.”

~ Ron, Homeowners’ Association President, Emigration Canyon

“Living on the east bench of Salt Lake City, we will always have the potential for rattlesnakes in our yard. But it’s great to know that we can always call you to move them for us. And the price is extremely reasonable.”

~ Ed, Olympus Cove

“Thank you so much for having Jordan come over last night to inspect our yard. The service was great and he was helpful. Just great customer service and on time, too. Hard to find these days. We appreciate it.”

~ Nychole, Orem


“Thank you so much for the service you offer and the professional and caring way your staff work with clients and handle snakes.

“My wife discovered two snakes at our house and called your service. Within three hours Jordan arrived, captured the snakes, released them unharmed back into their habitat, assured my wife that all was well, and she also received a follow-up call from you within that time period. Amazing, caring customer service!

“I’m especially grateful because I am in the military and working away from home, so I couldn’t be there, but your team made my wife feel comfortable and safe. She expressed how great Jordan was in finding and capturing the snakes, and especially how careful he was to explain what he was doing and why, and why the snakes were there and how he was going to release them safely.

“You obviously care about wildlife and the environment and train your staff very well.”

~ Greg, Springville

“My cat found 2 rattlesnakes under our back porch today. I called Wasatch Snake Removal, and Dave was here within 15 minutes to relocate them both. Great service!”

~ Craig, East Millcreek

“Just by texting, we were able to learn that the snake in our yard was a gopher snake and not a rattler. With kids and a dog, this was a huge relief. Thank you so much!”

Melanie, Draper