Who Are We?

Wasatch Snake Removal is the only state-wide certified snake removal service in Utah. Based in Salt Lake, we serve most of the Wasatch Front, specializing in urban and commercial snake removal for the safety of humans, pets, and snakes.

All of our professional relocators are skilled and knowledgeable snake enthusiasts who can answer your questions and alleviate your fears. Snakes are fascinating animals, and we are all about education, not intimidation.

Rattlesnakes are the only venomous snakes in Utah, and the Great Basin rattlesnake is the only venomous snake in northern Utah. Any snake in Utah with a tapering, pointed tail (no rattle) is harmless to humans.


If you have a rattlesnake in your yard or home, you’ve come to the right place. Keep an eye on the snake. This will make it quicker and easier for us to find the snake when we arrive (and we’re pretty quick!). Take a picture of the snake if you can do so safely, and text it to 801-599-0922. Sometimes the snake that someone thinks is a rattlesnake is really just a harmless gopher snake or garter snake and there’s no need for concern. 

We recommend that you leave a harmless snake in your yard for the free pest control benefits it provides. Everyone should want a harmless snake in their yard!


Snakes are vital members of a healthy biotic community, ensuring that rodent populations remain in check and preventing the damage and disease that vermin can cause. Because of their importance to humans, and because wildlife belongs to all of us, Utah’s snakes, including rattlesnakes, are protected by state law from wanton killing. In other words, you can’t kill a snake just because you don’t like them or are afraid of them. Be nice to snakes and they’ll be nice to you!


While most snakes eat rodents, some species eat caterpillars, slugs and other pests that want to devour your garden! If you have a snake in your yard, chances are it’s harmless and doing you a huge favor by providing free pest control. If you have a rattlesnake in your yard, you need to have it removed for the safety of people and pets.


We love snakes and would never harm one! All snakes will be relocated back to suitable wild habitat in accordance with state wildlife laws. There, they can continue to perform their roles as valued members of a balanced ecosystem.


We also work with local veterinarians and other specialists for the rehabilitation and placement of exotic, injured, abandoned or escaped snakes and other reptiles. See our SERVICES page for other services we provide.

(Wasatch Snake Removal charges a nominal service fee. Additional charges may apply for out-of-county travel, calls between 9 pm and 6 am, multiple snakes, and difficult or dangerous captures.) THANK YOU!